fronttikizcdThis pick in the 2016 PopCult Gift Guide comes to us from friends we met at JoeLanta and The Great Atlanta Toy Convention. Michael Gordon writes a fun comic book called Tiki Zombie, and has also released a fun CD with his pals, “Welcome To Tiki Z’s.”

Michael is also one of the masterminds behind the Earth Station One podcast network, famed among the Star Wars cognocenti, but we’re going to focus on Tiki Zombie here. In fact, we’re going to quote liberally from Michael’s announcement of the first Tiki Zombie comic book:

tz3Sick and tired of all the zombie books out there? Relax and have a drink with with TIKI ZOMBIE! Written by Michael A. Gordon with art by Peter Cutler. Travel to the exotic island of Mooga Bali where legend has it, lies the entrance to Avaiki (the underworld).

The place is home to strangeness, and perhaps the strangest of all is the protector of the island, a cursed lounge owner named Tiki Z. He does not remember his life before becoming undead, but he’s no mindless zombie. At least, I would not call him that to his face! He does not crave brains, but merely a good time and if you’re very lucky he’ll come to your rescue and make you a drink!

giftguide-graphic-smallNow you can snag all three issues (to date) of Tiki Zombie, plus the CD and a promo comic (which also includes our friends, Radio Cult) for the low price of fifteen bucks, plus five for shipping, just by visiting the New Legends Production webstore.

It’s a great deal, and it’s perfect for the comic book fan, lounge aficianado, Tiki freak or any fun-loving person on your holiday list.