Yesterday in The 2022 PopCult Gift Guide we gave you ideas for five Tiki Mug gifts. Today, while we’re sticking with Tiki, there are no mugs on our list. Instead we’re going to share with you some other gift ideas for the Tiki-minded individual on your holiday shopping list.

The Art of Tiki
by Sven Kirsten (Author), Otto von Stroheim (Author)
La Luz de Jesus
ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-1732669741

First up we have the third edition of a book that was originally published in conjunction with the 20th Anniversary Tiki Art Exhibition at La Luz de Jesus Gallery in Los Angeles.

The Art of Tiki is a passionate study of the Tiki idol as an art form. For the first time, contemporary Tiki art is united and presented equally with what inspired it, original mid-century Polynesian pop. Author Sven Kirsten combines his first-hand experiences in exploring the birth of Tiki style with his intimate knowledge of the Tiki Revival, painting a vivid, visually arresting portrait of a unique, always new art genre.

Sven Kirsten was born in the the German port town of Hamburg in 1955. He emigrated to California in 1980 to study at the San Francisco Art Institute and the American Film Institute. It was this love for visuals that inspired Sven to collect and photograph the remnants of the forgotten culture of Polynesian pop in America, leading him to identify the Tiki as its icon. His three books on the subject put Tiki firmly on the map of American pop culture, and are regarded as the standard works on the style.

Otto von Stroheim was born and raised in Los Angeles, never more than a short car ride away from Tiki Restaurants, Disneyland and the beach. In January of 1995 Otto launched the ‘zine Tiki News to network with the then-tiny Tiki community. He co-curated the first-ever group Tiki Art show at La Luz Gallery in 1996 and is credited with giving Shag his first solo show. He has published seventeen issues of his Zine, written liner notes for Exotica music reissues, introductions to books, and magazine articles. He also curated three Tiki Art Now! exhibits accompanied by book-sized catalogs.

The Art of Tiki is a great introduction to the world of Tiki, and also a nice primer for the fan who hasn’t explored the roots of this multicultural phenomenon. Available from most booksellers, using the ISBN code, or from Amazon.

Do Not Mock The Tiki God
by Robert Jimenez
various prices

Next up with have a really cool and amusing Tiki-inspired design by Robert Jimenez, which is available on shirts, as a metal sign or as a print.

It depicts a surly, flame-headed Tiki, and bears the warning: “Do Not Mock The Tiki God.”

Robert’s work has been mentioned in The PopCult Gift Guide before (and will be again this year when we get to trading card gifts). Robert’s work has appeared on album covers for Gold Dust Lounge and Stolen Idols and in magazines such as Exotica Moderne, Tiki Magazine, PKD Otaku, Gnarly and Pinstriping & Kustom Graphics. His work is also featured in the books, THE THING:ARTBOOK, VISIONS FROM THE UPSIDE DOWN: STRANGER THINGS ARTBOOK, GHOSTBUSTERS: ARTBOOK and has shown in galleries including Disneyland’s Wonderground, Harold Golen, M Modern, Creature Features, and Bear & Bird among others.

You can also see Robert’s work in trading card sets for licenses such as Garbage Pail Kids, Wacky Packages, Mars Attacks, Star Wars, DC Comics, Firefly, Ghostbusters, Adventure Time and more. Most notably Robert has recently illustrated cards for the Star Wars Trading Card App. Now you can also wear his art on your chest, or hang it on your wall.

It’s the perfect gift for anybody who thinks the design looks really cool, which should include the vast majority of the population.

Glass Floats Zombie Glass – Blue & Green Variant
From House of Tabu

It’s not a Tiki Mug, but you can drink out of it. Let’s quote liberally from the product listing, shall we?

What’s a Tiki Bar without a glass float? Or, honestly, a lot of glass floats? Now even your home bar can have this classic Tiki bar ornamentation in an attractive Zombie glass form!

Featuring a two-color mid-century design, our Glass Float Zombie glass will make any cocktail or drink almost magically appear to glow like those mesmerizing orbs seen in your favorite Tiki bar. Or, it could be the drink that causes the glow, but we’ll need to make a few cocktails to test our theory…

Each glass comes with our signature swizzle stick.

It’s a really nifty piece of glassware, and if you poke around the House of Tabu website, you’ll find cool Tiki enamel pins, swizzle sticks and other coolness. Act quick and you might be able to get the latest issue of Exotica Moderne before it sells out. Any of it will make great gifts for the Tiki fans on your shopping list.

New Munktiki Crest T-shirt – GLOW INK
From Muntiki $20-$22

Muntiki is famous for making and importing cool Tiki Mugs and other stuff, but we did Mugs yesterday, so we are recommending this cool shirt, which sadly is only available in small and 3X at the moment.

But it glows in the dark and it’s a really cool design from where Muntiki had Matt Stikker redesign their Munktiki Crest to celebrate theirr 20th anniversary this year. This is a cool black shirt that has glow in the dark ink. It freaking glows! How cool is that?

And if you order this item (or any of their mugs), you can also snag, as an add-on, Muntiki’s super-swell swizzle sticks, with two colors each of three designs from which to choose: Ohana is Dead; Munktiki; and Dead Man’s Isle.

With these, your Tiki aficionado can swizzle their little hearts out in style!

Sadly, they won’t just sell the swizzle sticks, but there’s plenty of other cool stuff you can find to add these to.

Aloha Republic Hawaiin Shirts
Under $40 from Aloha Shirt Shop

If you want to go full-tilt Tiki, it never hurts to dress the part. Aloha Republic makes some of the most authentic Hawaiin shirts on the market, so you can be fully outfitted for any impromptu luau that might suddenly spring up, or you can just wear them all the time and be the local eccentric guy.

The page I’m sending you to has 24 different designs, some of them holiday-themed, just so you can keep the beachcomber spirit all year ’round.

And Aloha Republic is the real deal. Check out their bio blurb:

One nation, under the Big Kahuna, Aloha Republic has been producing authentic Hawaiian apparel since 1993. This is a collection of our most popular designs depicting the Hawaiian island lifestyle.

This is the perfect gift for the closet beachcomber in your life. You know they want a Hawaiin shirt and have just been too timid to admit it.

Come back tomorrow for a music-filled edition of The 2022 PopCult Gift Guide.