The 2022 PopCult Gift Guide is taking a two-day excursion into the world of Tiki. Perfect for fans of Mid-Century artificial multiculturalism that’s loads of fun and looks really cool. It’s exotic without worrying about being authentic, as Polynesian influences mingle with Caribbean, African, Chinese, beach and nautical ephemera to create a universe of stuff that just looks really cool.

Today it’s all Tiki Mugs, from different sources with different price points. Links to order will be in the prices below the name of the mug. Tomorrow it’s still Tiki time in the gft guide, but it’s not mugs. Let’s go mugging with today’s gift guide picks…

Trader Vic’s Baining Fire Dancer
Available as a 20 OZ. full-size mug ($37.00)
or a 2 OZ. mini mug ($13.00)

Designed by Trader Vic’s legend, Javier Del Campo, the Baining fire dancer mug is part of our Papua New Guinea mug collection. This mug holds 20 OZ. The inspiration for this design comes from the masks worn by the Baining fire dancers. However, once you get it home, you can tell people that it’s a stoner panda bear.

The Mini version is a 2 OZ. shotglass, and is great for the Tiki aficionado with limited space.

It looks cool. It’s not too pricey and you can make up all kinds of stories about how you bought it directly from an actual Baining Fire Dancer on one of your many imaginary travels.

Available from Tiki Farm ($25.00)

The reproduction of the Kon Tiki is a classic tiki style and a perfect size for your stronger cocktails. The repro was just made this year, but it recreates one of the classic mug designs from year’s past.

This seven-and-a-quarter inch mug holds 15 ounces of whatever you’re drinking. It really is an iconic Tiki, and would look cool in any hipster pad, home Tiki bar, or as a vessel for hot chocolate for people who are just plain cool to be around.

Seriously, you’d be hard-pressed to come up with something symbolic of all things Tiki than this cool mug, plus you can drink out of it…like all the mugs in today’s gift guide entry.

BarConic® Peacock – 18 oz. – Tiki Mug
Available from ($9.95)

A budget entry that looks as cool as the very expensive limited editions that I’m not suggesting in this list, the Peacock mug is bright, colorful and perfect for anyone who loves the peacock.

To quote the description: “This inspired ceramic tiki mug of the stunning bird is sure to have your guests in awe. Serve your favorite drink or many different signature craft cocktails in it. This peacock tiki is a perfect drinking vessel. Made from high quality solid ceramic construction with a smooth glossy finish that is sure to inhance your cocktail presentation. Measures 6 1/2″ H x 3″ W X 3″ Base.”

With its low price and bright colors, this is the mug most likely to show up in the Larch-Panucci house this Christmas.

Tiki Mugs Cocktail Set of 4 – Large Tumblers Ceramic Hawaiian Luau Party Mugs Drinkware
If you want an instant Tiki Mug collection, go to Amazon ($40.79)

I’m just going to quote from the description here:

Tiki mugs are the great present for hosts, wedding registries and housewarmings. Beautiful present idea for any occasions or a perfect addition to your home bar collection.
FUNNY and WHIMSICAL DESIGN: these hand painted and fired large ceramic Tiki tumblers will add a touch of fun and elegance to your barware collection or party.
DURABLE and READY for GREAT PARTY: these cute ceramic cocktail glasses are ready to let you enjoying exotic drinks with your girlfriends on the patio or hosting a Hawaiian party, these humorous stemless glasses are great in any environment.
GREAT DRINKWARE for YOUR TIKI BAR: Tiki bars and restaurants have always provided a form of escape for their customers. Let them feel traveling to a tropical destination serving your creative cocktails in these funny ceramic cups and they will want to come back again.

Despite the insipid copy, this is actually a really nice deal, with four classic-looking Tiki Mugs that come out to about ten bucks a pop. It’s a good starter kit for somebody just getting into the addictive world of Tiki Mug collecting.

The Bone Collector
Available from Three Dots and a Dash ($60)
(Go to their website. It’s the third item in the first row)

This is our priciest pick of the day, but it’s also pretty darned cool. The first time I went to Three Dots and a Dash, I was served my drink (a virgin Jet Fighter) in one of these mugs, but they didn’t have enough on hand to sell them to collectors back then. It was designed and manufactured by Tiki Farm, and this version is an exclusive for the Chicago Tiki Bar, Three Dots and a Dash.

Now it’s back in stock, and it’s really cool. It’s around seven inches tall, and it holds 19 ounces of your favorite cocktail or exotic soda…or Kool Aid, or anything, really.

This mug is shaped like a Tiki inside of a topless skull base, holding a bone, and decorated with bones and a skull around top of his head.. The exterior has a brown oxide matte wipe-away glaze.

We hope you like our five Tiki Mug selections. Check back tomorrow for five non-mug Tiki Gift ideas in The 2022 PopCult Gift Guide.