Wednesday afternoon The AIR brings you brand-new episodes of Beatles Blast and Curtain Call!  You can tune in at the website, or if you’re on a laptop or desktop, you could just stay on this page, and  listen to the convenient embedded radio player lurking over in the right-hand column of this blog.

At 2 PM, your loyal blogger is back with a new Beatles Blast. This time we open with brand-new music from Ringo Starr. On his newly-released EP, Change The World, Ringo covers the Bill Haley classic, “Rock Around The Clock.” I used that as a springboard to kick into a mixtape of The Fab Four, together and solo, performing classic hits from the early days of Rock ‘n’ Roll (with one 1950s pop song  thrown in for good measure).  You’ll get to hear the Beatles sing songs made famous by Chuck Berry, Buddy Holly, Eddie Cochran, Elvis Presley, Little Richard, Carl Perkins and many more of their musical heroes.

Check the playlist for all the rockin’ tunes…

Beatles Blast 075

Ringo Starr “Rock Around The Clock”
The Beatles “Rock and Roll Music”
John Lennon “Peggy Sue”
George Harrison “I Really Love You”
Paul McCartney “Twenty Flight Rock”
Ringo Starr “Hey Baby”
The Beatles “Twist and Shout”
Paul McCartney “That’s All Right, Mama”
John Lennon “Rip It Up/Ready Teddy”
The Beatles “Kansas City/Hey Hey Hey”
Ringo Starr “Only You”
John Lennon “Stand By Me”
The Beatles “Roll Over Beethoven”
George Harrison “Between The Devil and The Deep Blue Sea”
John Lennon “You Can’t Catch Me”
The Beatles “Everybody’s Trying To Be My Baby”
Paul McCartney “Maybe Baby”
Ringo Starr “Oh My My”
Paul McCartney “Lucille”
George Harrison “Got My Mind Set On You”

Beatles Blast can be heard every Wednesday at 2 PM, with replays Thursday at 10 PM, Friday at 1 PM,  and Saturday afternoon.

At 3 PM on Curtain Call, Mel Larch also brings you a mixtape. With Curtain Call Mel continues the tradition of showcasing the Tony Award winner for best musical.

The 2020 Tony Award for Best Musical went to Moulin Rouge. Based on Baz Lurhmann’s 2001 film, and with a book by John Logan, this anachronistic jukebox musical tells the story of a young composer who falls in love with a cabaret singer in the Montmartre Quarter of Paris, France, during the Belle Epoque at the turn of the 20th century. Moulin Rouge recently reopened on Broadway, and is still running.

If the idea of Tolouse Latrec grooving to the sounds of LaBelle, The Police, Fatboy Slim, Madonna, Sia and The Rolling Stones sounds like fun to you, then you are in for a treat as Moulin Rouge combines a few original songs with an apparently random assortment of very recognizable songs from pop music’s most famous artists.

This week’s Curtain Call brings you highlights of the show, but to be honest,  to get the full effect, you should witness the visual spectacle too. Still, there are a few thousand catchy tunes shoe-horned into this show.

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