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July 1 will see episode 75 of Radio free Charleston, the only online webcast featuring West Virginia’s finest music, film, animation, art and weirdness. One of the less satisfying things about doing RFC is that we haven’t been able to keep all of our previous episodes available for viewing.

Until now.

Using technology recently recovered from a downed UFO found in Clay County, we are now able to revive our older shows and post them directly into PopCult. In fact, we’re going to do that every day in June! Starting with our first episode, as seen above, we are going to bring you 30 episodes of RFC in 30 days. The first five will be in order. After that we’re going to jump around a bit. We have 70 shows to choose from, you know.  Eventually all of the shows will be re-posted here in PopCult, even the ones that sort of suck.

You can read the original productions notes for this episode here. But to watch this show, which features Whistlepunk and The No Pants Players, you can just scroll back up and watch the sucker. Almost all the links in our older posts were victims of The Great WordPress Massacre of 2007.   Be advised, we are editing some of the shows. We are excising “Pentagram Flowerbox” at the request of its creator, and there is one song that is tied up due to charges of plagarism, but for the most part, this is the RFC experience. Come back every day in June. Some days we’ll also have production notes for our new episodes. You’ll be double-dipping like a Charleston Police Officer at Christmastime!