The PopCult Toybox

toysThis year’s Toy Collector’s panel features Lee Harrah, Tim Arnott and your PopCulteer, Rudy Panucci, discussing the history of Science Fiction toys.

Tim owns Third Floor Comics at the Nitro Antique Mall. Lee Harrah is a toy mercenary and MEGO expert. Your PopCulteer has been writing about toys for two decades now. Together, we manage to talk a lot.

We cover the gamut from the 1930s to today, hitting all the high-points of science fiction toys along the way, from Flash Gordon to Star Trek, Planet of the Apes, Star Wars to Transformers and beyond.

PopCult will present more video of ShockaCon 2015 all weekend long and into next week. You can see the Costume Parade HERE and Hurl Brickbats on the RFC MINI SHOW HERE.  Earlier we presented panels from American Horor StoryThe Walking Dead and Ari Lehman, the First Jason. Daniel Boyd presented a Horror Writing workshop, while a “Women In Horror” panel discussion stole the show. Professor Sinister’s Savage Sideshow has also been posted here.