labor-day-weekend-rfcLabor Day needs a new tradition. The famed MDA telethon has faded from existence, and Jerry Lewis, God rest his soul, is deader’n hell. So we’re going to start a new tradition with 54 hours of Radio Free Charleston and Radio Free Charleston International on The AIR!  Get ready for almost 60 hours of great local music mixed with the coolest stuff you’ll ever hear on the radio as we celebrate the America’s greatest endangered species, our workforce.  It all starts at Midnight, Saturday on The AIR! Listen at the website, or on this embedded radio player…

Radio Free Charleston is the only regularly-scheduled showcase for local music, and has been around the Charleston area in some form or another since it debuted during Labor Day weekend in 1989.  Now supporting the local scene on The AIR, RFC brings you local, original music from new artists, established artists, and from our archives, which stretch back over fifty years. RFC International brings you cool stuff to listen to, without any rigid airplay rules.

You will hear rock, hip hop, jazz fusion, progressive rock, folk, Americana, classical, avante-garde and experimental music, with the bulk of it made by people with ties to Charleston and the surrounding areas.

Running from Midnight Saturday  to 7 AM Tuesday morning, this is your chance to sample some of the vibrant, diverse and exciting music that Charleston has to offer.

As a special bonus, included among this marathon will be several airings of RFCv4 number 11, which re-presented a vintage 1990 episode of Radio Free Charleston that originally aired on WVNS, 96.1 FM.  This show hasn’t been heard on The AIR for over a year, and is a fun glimpse into the original incarnation of the program.

You can hear this special episode of the show Sunday at 1 AM and 4 PM and Monday at Noon. Just for good measure, we’ll run it again Tuesday night at 11 PM.

It would be impossible to list every song we play for all 24 hours of the marathon, but you will hear local favorites like The Company Stores, Qiet, HARRAH, Jeff Ellis, Todd Burge, Pepper Fandango, Spencer Elliott,and more. We’ll also bring you music from Charleston natives who have moved on to other areas like Ann Magnuson, Michael Cerveris, and Deni Bonet. Plus we’ll dig into the archives for tunes from Mother Nang, Go Van Gogh, Hasil Adkins, The Amazing Delores, Stark Raven and more incredible blasts from the past. We’ll also include new music from Byzantine, Bobaflex, Scarlet Revolt and many other active and vital bands.

So join us. We won’t force you to listen to testimonials from Firemen or corporate sponsors. We won’t make you wait for the tote board to change. There won’t be any cutaways to uncomfortable-looking local news people and WE WON’T BEG FOR MONEY! It’s the perfect way to enjoy Labor Day!