066montageWe don’t have a video this week. Episode 66 of Radio Free Charleston is lost. I may have a copy on DVD somewhere in my office, but I can’t find it. There are no digital copies on any of my hard drives. I can only guess that it was lost in one of many hard drive crashes that plagued me back about seven years ago. It used to be on MySpace, but it’s one of the videos I’d uploaded there that no longer seems to be working. If I turn up a copy, I will upload it to YouTube and make it available here. This has been extremely annoying.

Radio Free Charleston’s sixty-sixth episode, “Yankees Jersey,” was a good one.  This video installment of the longest-running local music and animation show in Charleston featured a song from the CYAC musical Norman Rockwell’s American Paradise, written by Dan Kehde and Mark Scarpelli, plus a tune from Electro Biscuit, a band that consisted of Kai Haynes, Greg Wegmann and RFC Big Shot Brian Young, who coincidentally happened to be the owners of LiveMix Studio, the late-lamented creative hotspot where this tune was filmed.

This show also included a couple of short weird pieces by Frank Panucci, the debut of Young Bradley Wilkerson and animation featuring a glimpse into the evil mirror universe, showing how the Anti-Rudy would introduce a song on the evil version of Radio Free Charleston.

You can read the original production notes HERE, but they won’t do you much good without the show to watch, now will they? If, by some fluke, any of my readers somehow have a copy of this episode, please let me know in the comments. The RFC Flashback will return to our chronological presentation of Radio Free Charleston next week. We have tons of copies of episode 67.