We are wrapping up the 2014 PopCult Gift Guide (not really, we’re going to do one more post on last-minute ideas next week) with some of the weirdest gift ideas out there this year.

These are gifts to get for your loved one about whom you worry, sometimes. Or, if you want to make someone worry about you, just give them one of these really, really cool, but really, really inappropriate Christmas gifts. Links are provided for the best online price I could find.

The Walking Dead: The Governor’s Victim Cookie Jar
UTTWD01617lgEntertainment Earth

Need somewhere to keep your rations safe from walkers and/or other survivors? The Walking Dead The Governor’s Victim Cookie Jar could be just what you’re looking for! With a chilling design based on The Governor’s fish tanks in the smash hit AMC TV show, this officially licensed and branded metal cookie jar is a must have for any The Walking Dead fan or collector. Measures approximately 8 1/2-inces tall x 6-inch diameter. Ages 14 and up!

Archie McPhee

bigfoot_research_kitYou could search for Bigfoot by just randomly walking around in the forest screaming “Bigfoot” at the top of your lungs or you could use science! Our Bigfoot Research Kit contains items that easily double (maybe triple!) your chances of finding Bigfoot. Probably the most helpful advice is in the included informational booklet. It lets you in on the secret that Bigfoot is an introvert, so he’s cool if you’re mellow, but don’t come on all harsh and huggy. So, how do you approach Bigfoot? You have to buy this kit to find out! Comes in a 7″ x 5″ x 1-1/2″ decorated cardboard box that contains stickers, a membership card, evidence flags, the previously mentioned informational booklet, field journal, a magnifier and scat bags. This will make your inner 10-year-old, or an actual 10-year-old, very happy.

Texas Chain Saw Massacre: 40th Anniversary Black Maria Box Set [Blu-ray]

917q9xuCw8L._SL1500_40 years ago, five youths on a weekend getaway in the Texas countryside fell prey to a butcher in a mask made of human skin and his cannibalistic family, and horror cinema would never be the same. Violent, confrontational, and shockingly realistic, director Tobe Hooper’s THE TEXAS CHAIN SAW MASSACRE terrified audiences in a way never thought possible when it was unleashed on a politically and socially tumultuous America in 1974. Facing a storm of controversy, censorship, and outcry throughout its troubled release, this masterpiece of horror has stood the test of time to become a landmark motion picture and cultural milestone. To celebrate the film’s 40th anniversary and its enduring ability to scare audiences both new and old, Dark Sky Films proudly presents THE TEXAS CHAIN SAW MASSACRE in an all-new 4k digital transfer and with a newly created 7.1 surround sound mix supervised by Tobe Hooper. Get ready to experience fear in a whole new way.

• Limited Edition packaging (built as a replica of the famous Black Maria semi-truck from the film)

• Includes a blood-spattered Leatherface apron, the official theatrical mini poster, as well as a 5th bonus disc exclusive to this release

• October marks the 40th Anniversary of the classic horror film

• All-new 4K High Definition Scan & 7.1 surround audio. This is the only transfer of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre to go back to the original 16mm A/B rolls, the actual film that rolled through the cameras

edgar_allan_poe_candyArchie McPhee

It looks just like a book, but instead of containing the dark and scary stories of Edgar Allan Poe, it’s full of grape-flavored candy decorated with Poe’s face! Any sweet tooth with a literary bent will appreciate the 3.3 oz. of hard candy inside that will cause your mouth to reverberate with the tintinnabulation of your taste buds. Also, if you just want to hide some candy in your house, the package looks at home on any bookshelf.

Cthulhu Knitted Ski Mask

Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn! Time for Cthulhu to rise from the watery deeps! Not only will this mask keep your face warm (and show your Lovecraftian affiliation), it will provide many laughs as you snowblow the driveway. Hidden under that tangle of tentacles is an opening for your mouth. Made with 100% acrylic yarn.

Drinky Crow Party Lights
DH18739lgEntertainment Earth

Hang Tony Millionaire’s pathetic alcholic corvid up as a decoration! Oh boy! Drinky Crow Party Lights! Tony Millionaire’s sobriety-challenged feathered friend is tottering forward as a 12-foot strand of 10 decorative electrical illuminations that truly put the “party” into party lights. The Drinky Crow Lights come in both sober and drunk versions, alternating with a simulated (or is that stimulated?) bottle of adult beverage!

Gilligan’s Planet
gilliganWarner Archives

One of the worst cartoons ever aired on network television comes to DVD. According to the PR, “It’s a brand new story about The Castaways! Leaving their tiny island after years and months and days, they built a little spaceship, crude but it could fly. They left their home and lost their way, between the stars and sky, they went from an island to star, lost on Gilligan’s Planet.”

It’s true – The Castaways are now lost in space! They’re all here, in this strange, new world, Gilligan (voice of Bob Denver), the Skipper (voice of Alan Hale, Jr.), the Millionaire (voice of Jim Backus), his Wife (voice of Natalie Schafer), the Movie Star (voice of Dawn Wells), the Professor (Russell Johnson) and Mary Ann (voice of Dawn Wells). Now joined by Gilligan’s alien sidekick Bumper, they begin a whole new life on a whole new world, while still trying to repair the now space-worthy SS Minnow and return home from their infinite three hour tour. It’s something old, something new in this Saturday morning cartoon sit-com sci-fi romp!”

The Worst of Eerie Publications
worst_of_eerieYoe Books

Gratuitous Gore! Multi-Monster Madness! Bound Beauties! Collected for the first time in a deluxe edition are the comics that deserve it the least: the infamous Eerie Publications’ horror comics! Incredibly gory and crazy, the Eerie Pubs pushed the boundaries of good taste with blood-drenched, spine-cracking tales ripped (and redrawn) from the pages of Pre-Code horror comics. And who can forget those nausea-inducing covers? A dirty dozen of deadly, full-color covers are reproduced for your discomfort and revulsion! Featuring illustrated terror by Dick Ayers, Chic Stone, Domingo Mandrafina, the Iger Shop, and many other unsung masters of the morbid, presented in glorious, carefully remastered black and white. Edited by Mike Howlett.

Budet zhit’ lyubov na svete – Eduard Khil’

51klJyJQlVLYes, it’s a double CD by the Trololo guy, Eduard Khil, who actually recorded several albums in his native Russia.

This is your chance to educate the music lover in your family about what an amazing baritone this man was. It’s really unfair that he’s only known as “The Trololo Guy,” when he had so many other hits in the Soviet Union.

This CD contains “Shoobashooba Dink,” “Wapalapa Pog,” “SmaHooooooogala,” “Vtang Vtalibob (The Forlorn Elk Song)” and many, many others.

The Charles Manson Fan Club
Charles Manson Fan Club.com

A6010 CHARLES MANSON FAN CLUB BACKThis is exactly the perfect gift that parents can get for their kids who they think will murder them in their sleep–a membership in the Charles Manson Fan Club! Just check out the spiel:

“Finally, a club that will have you as one of its members! You’ve been cast out of society.A loner, some might say a loser, but here at the Charles Manson Fan Club we consider you a rebel!You and Charlie are very similar, misunderstood, wronged, mixed up with so called “friends” who do stupid crap only to get you dragged into it. Yea, Charlie knows how it is. Here at the “club” you’ll fit right in. No one will judge you. You’re special in your own way, even if your way is crazy.”

Membership includes a Laminated Black & White Membership card custom printed with your name and featuring one of Charlie’s greatest quotes: “Just because you’re convicted in a court room doesn’t mean you’re guity of somethin.” You also get a black T Shirt that says on the front, “I joined the Charles Manson Fan Club and all I got was this lousy t-shirt!” The back features the club’s logo with Charlie’s face. You also get stickers and business cards.

That is our wrap up of the 2014 PopCult Gift Guide. Day six was the most fun to compile, and I hope some of you take my suggestions to heart. I’d really like to see that. Next week we’re doing a bonus list of things that got left off the first five days of gift ideas.