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GI Joe, In Clubs, With Dinosaurs, and In Blogs  

It’s the time of the year to renew your membership in the Official GI Joe Collectors Club. If you are an Officer Level member in good standing by March 16, you will receive this year’s bonus figure.

The figures will ship sometime late this spring, but you have to be a member on March 16 to get one.Collectors can choose either a 12″ GI Joe, or one of the little 3 3/4″ guys. Both are exclusive to the club.

Collectors of the small GI Joes will get this guy

ICEBERG is the G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club Membership Incentive Figure for 2013. This FREE figure will be sent to any 3 3/4-inch Officer level G.I. Joe Club member whose membership is active by March 16, 2013. Iceberg features a figure stand, classic file card and accessories, including: assault rifle, rocket launcher with shell, knife, sub-machine gun, snow board and backpack with attachment frame.

If you are an active member of the G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club as of March 16th, 2013 and select the 12″ figure option, you will receive the 12″ COMRADE OF ACTION figure for FREE. This free 12-inch action figure comes dressed in olive drab thermal underwear with AT insignia.This figure (seen above right) sports the “foreign” head from the 1960’s GI Joe Soldiers of the World line, with flocked hair to bring him into the Adventure Team era.

A really cool outfit set (sold separately) for the Comrade of Action

If you opt for the 12″ figure (and who wouldn’t, really) then you’ll be interested in the accessory and uniform set for the Comrade, sold separately. This is his own unique uniform accessory set, including a winter long coat, pants, winter hat, short brown boots, ALL NEW Adventure Team double shoulder holster and two hand guns! Details on how to order this set will be made available to club members soon.

For information on how to join the GI Joe Collector’s club, call 1-817-448-9863 or visit their website.

Jurrassic Park returns to Toys R Us.

(From Toy News International)

In advance of the upcoming 3D Jurassic Park re-release, new toys (actually previously-announced toys from 2009 that never came out) will be hitting the shelves as an exclusive to Toys R Us.

Shown above are the Pachyrhinosaurus Clash and the Allosaurus Assault sets. These two sets were originally slated to be released in 2009, but never made it out of the factory. Each set comes with a figure using molds from Hasbro’s G.I. Joe line, which gives these sets crossover collector appeal.

These fellas should turn up at TRU any day now, if they haven’t already. As always, local collectors should consider making the drive out of Charleston to any of the other TRU stores in the state, since Charleston never seems to get any of the really cool exclusives.

Blog Plug

Mark Otnes, of Patches of Pride, has been keeping a terrific blog loaded with up-to-the mnute news on GI Joe and the entire universe of 1/6 scale action figures. He’s doing a great job and you can also visit Mark’s Patches of Pride website, which carries some of the best reproduction decals to restore vintage 12″ GI Joe vehicles that can be found. Check out The Joe Report.

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