A Handy-Dandy Guide to all the JoeLanta posts in PopCult

Okay, I’ve written a ton of stuff about JoeLanta 2013, my first GI Joe convention, over the past couple of weeks. You’re probably getting sick of it. But just for the fun of it, and to provide one nifty post that ties the whole thing together, this week’s PopCult Toybox is going to collect links and videos to all the JoeLanta articles that I’ve posted here in PopCult.

Before you look at the lead-up, why not watch the 22-minute video report I posted here?

Back on March 12, I previewed my trip to JoeLanta. You can read it at this link.

While I was in Atlanta, I set this Sunday Evening Video and this Monday Morning Art to post.

The Tuesday after I returned, I posted a brief photo essay.

I also posted another photo essay the next day, when I posted the video of the Hobby Roundtable, which you can also see right here…

Then I laid low for a couple of days before springing the first video that you see above on an unsuspecting world. Well, they weren’t suspecting it if they hadn’t read PopCult.

And that concludes PopCult’s coverage of JoeLanta 2013. Unless I decide to post more video. But most likely you’ll have to wait until I begin my coverage of JoeLanta 2014.