Jeremy Hatfield

Jeremy Hatfield

ShockaCon happens this weekend, and your PopCulteer is honored to be a guest. I will be appearing on a panel Sunday morning, along with my fellow toy experts, Lee Harrah and Jeremy Hatfield. Lee, in addition to be one of the area’s dominant vocalists (see him in RFC 200) is a long-time toy collector and expert on monsters, some of them green. Jeremy is the man behind Third Floor Comics at the Antique Mall in Nitro, as well as being a gentleman, scholor, co-owner of Definitely Loud Entertainment and a Ghostbuster.

Together, we will walk you through the history of monster and horror toys. We will begin with the advent of television, when decades worth of Universal Monster movies were exposed to a generation of children, who demanded toys based on Frankenstein, Dracula and The Wolfman.

From there we will trace the lineage through the Aurora model kits, Creepy Crawlers, The AHI Monsters, Kenner’s Alien, McFarlane Toys, Sideshow Toys, Re-MEGO figures and up to today’s hottest toy line, Monster High.

This all happens as part of ShockaCon, happening this weekend at The Beni Kedem Shrine on Quarrier Street between the mall and the civic center. The History of Monster Toys Collector’s panel starts Sunday morning at 11:30 AM on the main stage. A full schedule of ShockaCon events will be posted in PopCult on Wednesday. Check the ShockaCon website for ticket information.