We resume our trek through the Radio Free Charleston archives with a stop in May, 2012, for the episode “Cap Seniors Shirt,” named after a high-school protest shirt that was a big deal at the time. Our music this week came from The Big Bad, In The Company of Wolves and Foz Rotten, plus we had animation from yours truly, and a trailer for Dennis Strom’s film, “One Soldier, One Grave.”

Following Dennis’ trailer, we jump into the music with The Big Bad, who had just reformed after a brief hiatus. This was our first chance to capture the band live.  You’ll see them rip through two songs: the instrumental opener “Muertos,” and “Transylvania Is For Lovers,” which features some very energetic guest vocals by Roger Beane, the lead singer of Drop Ded Phred, who chimes in from the audience (from right over this cameraman’s head, in fact.) The Big Bad is still going strong and has been working on a new album.

Next up we have my animation, then music from In The Company of Wolves, performing their song “Holding On To You.” ITCOW broke up shortly after this performance, but reunited earlier this year and released a really impressive new album.  Closing this week’s show was Foz Rotten, who really needs to make some new music of his own. It’s been too long.

You can read the full production notes and get the full story behind the show’s title shirt HERE.