Come with us, back to November, 2012, for a wonderful episode of Radio Free Charleston that’s jam-packed with great music, an outtake from the world’s highest parachute jump and an introduction to a new Olympic sport!

“Calvin The Spiffy Spaceman Shirt” had music from Frenchy and the Punk, Amanda Brigette and The Nanker Phelge, plus a hilarious outtake from Felix Baumgardner’s Space Dive and a look at the newest Olympic sport, Spumling.

Frenchy and the Punk are seen on this show performing at The Empty Glass with the song “The Magician and The Dancer” from their 2010 CD, “Happy Madness.” Amanda Bridgette makes her RFC debut with her lovely Contemporary Jazz song, “Fondly,” in a music video directed by Emily Burdette, whose talents as a singer/songwriter were on display in RFC 169 . This tune also features Charleston jazz icons Bob Thompson, Ryan Kennedy and Tim Courts. The music video was produced by Lisa Bragg and filmed in Charleston, West Virginia at the State Capitol. The Nanker Phelge perform “Bankrobbers,” recorded live at the very first ShockaCon at the South Charleston Mound.

Of course, our major coup this week was our exclusive outtake from Felix Baumgartner’s space dive. It’s a little known fact that this worldwide sensation was actually a well rehearsed stunt and things didn’t always go as planned, as you will see in this hilarious blooper. Also in this episode of the show, sports videographer Frank Panucci brought us an in-depth look at the exciting new Olympic sport, Spumling. This was sure to be a worldwide phenomenon when it was officially unveiled at the 2014 Winter Games in least it would have if not for the tragic Spumfire disaster that sadly left everyone in the world who knew how to play the sport either dead or injured.