We go back to a full-length episode of Radio Free Charleston from April, 2014. This show features musical artists that we’d featured on RFC MINI SHOWs plus first-time contributors, animation and a promo clip for a local theater production.

Radio Free Charleston 197, “Jake The Dog Shirt” is a diverse collection of great music, cool animation plus a neat theater preview. Our music is from Donnie Smith, The Big Bad, The Terra Firma Ensemble and Jordan Searls. Animation comes to us from Jake Fertig and we also have a preview for the Alban Arts Center production of “Antigone.”

Donnie Smith was our first musical guest on this show. He’s seen here recorded at the same edition of Rock N Roll theater that gave us his recent RFC MINI SHOW. This time around Donnie treats us to his original song, “Mixed Message. Our animation was by Jake Fertig. It was the latest “Deep Space Microsode” of his series, “The Flocking.” We were lucky enough to catch The Big Bad earlier in April 2014, and from that night we brought you the band doing their song, “Babe We Own This Town.”

The centerpiece of this episode was our recording of The Terra Firma Ensemble performing the world premiere of Jim Lange’s compostion, “Brambles and Briers.”You saw the entire concert last week in this space, as we brought you a special double feature RFC Flashback. Playing us out, for the second episode in a row, was Jordan Searls with his song, “Naturally Easy.”

You can read the full production notes HERE.