Super Bowl Sunday is traditionally one of the days where PopCult gets fewer views than any other day of the year (with the possible exception of Christmas).

That means I can pretty much post anything I want here and nobody will notice.

So today I’m posting a video from the KanaChan TV YouTube Channel.  WWE Superstar Asuka (real name: Urai Kanako), a former women’s champion and current women’s tag team champ, is a fierce warrior in the ring. At one point she’d gone undefeated for nearly two years, and of late she has added the deadly “Green Mist” to her arsenal. She is an intimidating figure in the ring.

However, Asuka is also a sort of “YouTube Influencer” in her native Japan, where she is still known by her Japanese wrestling name, Kana. On her KanaChan channel she treats viewers to cooking, gaming and toy videos, in a cute bilingual and cleverly edited (by Asuka, herself) manner. The clips are cute, funny, slightly incomprehensible and are a lot of fun to watch. In the above video, posted just a few days ago, she “operates” on an animated plush Kirby doll to bring it to life. The pixelation of the battery compartment is just one example of the hilarious cross-cultural detail she goes into with these videos.