75montagethumbGoing back to July, 2009 for this week’s RFC Flashback, we revisit our 75th episode! “Unknown Hinson Shirt,” was our third-anniversary Rock And Roll Extravaganza.

This landmark edition of Radio Free Charleston featured music by The Pistol Whippers and Unknown Hinson, both legends of honky-tonk psycho-billy stage. We also have a snippet of Princeton’s Option 22 over the end credits.

With this being our third anniversary, we took it upon ourselves to corner a few really cool people with our camera to get them to say nice things about us.

annAmong those who weren’t quick enough to escape were Ann Magnuson, Necrobutcher (featured in the OSCAR-nominated movie “The Wrestler”), wrestling legends Bull Pain and the late Gypsy Joe. Plus we had GWAR’s front-man, Oderous Urungus. The really cool thing is that it looks like we recorded Necro and Gypsy Joe in the same place we recorded Ann (we didn’t).

Host segments were shot in and around the late and lamented LiveMix Studio during their Fourth Of July party. How could we not include our old friends and allies at LiveMix in the celebration?

unknownOne note about this show: When it was originally posted I was not happy with the audio during the Unknown Hinson song, “Peace, Love and Hard Liquor.” It was muddy and out of sync. While remastering this show, I took the opportunity to tinker with it further and while it’s far from perfect, it’s much better than it was.

The original production notes for RFC 75 can be found right here.