ugh-01The PopCulteer
November 3, 2017

It’s Friday and time for another PopCulteer, and I realize that it’s been a while since I plugged any worthwhile comic book Kickstarter projects. To make up for that oversight, this week I’m going to tell you about two of them.

These are both projects that I have personally kicked in on, so full disclosure here: I want more people to support them so I can get my darned comic books.

Both projects have a decent amount of time left, and both are well on their way to hitting their funding goals.


First up we have Son of Ugh! by writer-artist, Pete Von Sholly. This is a comical horror anthology, with 112 pages of delightfully twisted tales of Karmic carnage and weird mystery. There’s a few great fake ads, too.

ugh-03In Von Sholly’s own words, ” This is a collection of comics with monsters, dinosaurs, girls, Lovecraft and more of the stuff I dearly love drawing and writing about. There is horror and humor galore in 11 new stories created just for UGH! magazine and this collection. Making comics was what I always wanted to do- and after a long and wonderful career in movies and television I am finally doing them. Last Halloween I launched my first Kickstarter, which was the first “Stories to Make You Say UGH!” collection and it’s time to it again. I always enjoy commissions and will be happy to draw something just for you if you choose that reward. My goal is to find and entertain my audience and also to expand it so I can continue doing what I love best- So please open wide and say UGH!”

This project looks like loads of fun, and because of language, I can’t share my favorite story title with you here, but if you follow the link, I’m sure you’ll be able to figure out which one I’m talking about.

Check the widget below for a live link, an update on how close Son of Ugh! is to being fully funded, and a countdown to how many days are left to kick in…

Please kick in so we can find out what happens on that island with the dinosaurs.

boo-01BOO & HISS

Next up we have a cat and mouse story in the grand tradition of Tom & Jerry, Itchy & Scratchy, Kit & Kaboodle and Squeak The Mouse. The difference is, this one has a little less chase and a little more paranormal activity.

From Emmy-winning writer Paul Dini (Batman: The Animated Series, Mad Love, Dark Knight: A True Batman Story) comes a graphic novel with an intriguing premise: What if, a cartoon cat and mouse–like Tom and Jerry, but not them–reached a point where the cat caught the mouse, and doing what cats do, dispatched him to the afterlife?

The premise does not stop there. That’s only the beginning. It continues with the idea that the dearly departed mouse has returned in ghostly form to haunt and torment his feline executioner.

That is what happens in Boo & Hiss. In this video, Dini and a friend explain it better than I just did…

Dini has teamed up with artist, Dave Alvarez, whose past work includes the Looney Tunes and Animaniacs comic books. He is also the creator of the internationally popular comic strip Yenny.

Swiping liberally from the Kickstarter campaign page, here’s how they describe Boo & Hiss: “From the magnificently masterful mind of Paul Dini comes a new 48-page graphic novel that turns the game of cat and mouse on its (paranormal) head … BOO & HISS! How many comics and cartoons have you seen where the cat chases the mouse endlessly, rarely catching him and never succeeding in vanquishing his rodent nemesis? In the world of BOO & HISS, that all changes: Hiss (the cat) catches Boo (the mouse) and DEVOURS him. There’s no coming back from that, right? WRONG! That’s where the story really begins! Boo returns as a ghost to enact vengeance on his feline murderer.

Wherever Hiss goes, Boo follows, tormenting him in various ways: nearly scaring him to death, possessing his body and making him do terrible and embarrassing things, and just generally making his life a living hell. The cat becomes the hunted and the ghost mouse the hunter in the twisted, comic, scary, and poignant world of BOO & HISS! ”

Keep up to date with this project on this totally different widget…

With that, we have reached the end of this week’s PopCulteer. It may seem shorter than usual, but your humble correspondent is hard at work on the 2017 PopCult Gift Guide, which is scheduled to begin week after next. So what I’m saying is, I will be posting fresh content every day here in PopCult, but it’s not exactly going to be novel-length.