This week we are departing from our usual chronological re-presentation of our local music video showcse to jump ahead a few weeks for an obvious reason.  From April, 2010, this was the Radio Free Charleston April Fool’s Day show for that year. If we didn’t skip ahead and run this now, I’d be posting it here in the middle of May.

This time I decided to do an entire show with the “Fake Rudy” joke that ends almost every episode of Radio Free Charleston. The kindly old schoolteacher who was mouthing my words was the host of “Ding Dong School,” a kid’s program from the 1950s. Many thanks to The Emergency, Simply Sadi and especially Jeff Ellis, who were all very good sports and let me cut music videos using old cartoons with their music for the show. Big thanks also go out to Scott Elkins and Murfmeef for letting me use their short films for the show.

Over the end credits, that is indeed RFC’s resident diva, Melanie Larch, joining WATT4 for their version of the Police classic, “Message In A Bottle.”

This was the show that, I feel, most lived up to our promise of “mind-hurting weirdness.” You can read the Kayfabe production notes HERE.

Next week we’ll bring you episode 92, and continue in order from there.