This week we go back to 2015 for a MINI SHOW starring Tape Age, recorded at their first show, on May 1 at The Empty Glass, and posted here in PopCult three days later.  At this point, Tape Age was a duo featuring Sam Scholten with Dave Roberts on drums. Sam lives in Louisville, and Dave in South Charleston, and later they added Doug Litton, who is also based in the Charleston area, so we sort of knew that this band wasn’t going to be a long-term project.

However, they did kick ass and performed together for a year or two.  Sam is now leading Bon Air in Louisville, and Dave is creating ambient music and working on other Charleston based musical projects. You can keep up with both of them on the Radio Free Charleston radio show on The AIR. In this show you’ll hear Tape Age perform “Worst Day of My Life” and “Ocean Going.”

Original production notes can be found HERE.