Image702This week The RFC MINI SHOW brings you The Jasons, recorded live at ShockaCon, just last month. The Jasons just marked their first year of performing and this horror-punk outfit from Crystal Lake, New Jersey (by way of the Mountain State) are hotter than ever. With a sound not unlike their fierce rivals, The Renfields, The Jasons slash their way through three chords and a quick beat, leaving few survivors.

The rivalry with The Renfields is so intense that The Jasons’ frontman, Jason V refuses to be seen in the same room as Vincent Renfield.

The RFC MINI SHOW captures The Jasons performing one original tune and one cover of song by a legendary punk band. We also get to witness some of the witty stage banter between the members of the band. You never really get to see the humorous side of Jason Vorhees in the Friday the 13th movies, but on stage, his comedy just kills.

This episode of The RFC MINI SHOW is a preview of sorts for this year’s epic Radio Free Charleston Halloween Special, featuring more music by The Jasons as well as songs from HarraH, Radio Cult and The Possum Kingdom Ramblers. You can see the Radio Free Charleston Halloween Special next week.