NEW AIR LOGO 002Today at 3 PM tune in to The AIR for four half-hour music specialty shows. Or you can just listen in on this swank little radio player…

Our afternoon music block today consists of Beatles Blast, Psychedelic Shack, Ska Madness and The Punk Club. Details are below…

BEATLES BLASTBEATLES BLAST at 3 PM is hosted by your PopCulteer, and presents a half-hour of Beatles and Beatle-related music each week. This week we focus on “Angry Beatles” and our playlist is filled with Beatles and solo tunes that reflect the more cantankerous side of the Fab Four, plus a cover a song written by a miffed McCartney, as recorded by Bryan Ferry.

This week’s playlist:
The Beatles  “Helter Skelter”
Paul McCartney  “Angry”
John Lennon “How Do You Sleep”
George Harrison  “Brainwashed”
Ringo Starr  “Wrack My Brain”
Bryan Ferry  “You Won’t See Me”
The Beatles  “Taxman”

PSYCHEDELIC SHACKPSYCHEDELIC SHACK at 3:30 PM comes from our UK production partners, Haversham Recording Institute, and is hosted by Nigel Pye. Nigel brings us nuggets from the golden age of psychedelica. This week’s show is loaded with trippy gems from the dawning of the age of Aquarius

This week’s playlist:
Status Quo  “Pictures of Matchstick Men”
The Lemon Pipers  “Green Tambourine”
The Moody Blues  “Tuesday Afternoon”
Vanilla Fudge  “Take Me For A Little While”
Iron Butterfly  “Iron Butterfly Theme”
Donovan  “Season of the Witch”

SKA MADNESSSKA MADNESS at 4 PM brings us 30 minutes of terrific Ska from all three major eras of the musical genre that spawned Reggae and inspired the Beatles’ “Ob La Di, Ob La Da.” Desmond Checkers curates the music he loves with an expert ear.

This week’s playlist:
The Specials  “A Message To You Rudi”
The Bodysnatchers  “Easy Life”
Pauline Black  “I Can See Clearly Now”
Desmond Dekker  “Look What You Are Doing”
Skankin’ Pickle  “Violent Love”
The Swinging Cats  “Mantovani”
Ore Ska Band  “Oh My Honey”
Arthur May and the Originals  “Ska Wars”
Laurel Atkin  “Big Fat Man”

THE PUNK CLUBTHE PUNK CLUB at 4 :30 PM hits you right in the face with half an hour of classic hardcore punk, mostly from the UK, as chosen by presenter Humphrey Hubert. Hubert collects some classics and some little-known gems to gob right at you.

This week’s playlist:
The Clash  “White Riot”
Anti Nowhere League  “Let’s Break The Law”
Angelic Upstarts   “Police Oppression”
Stiff Little Fingers   “Tin Soldiers”
U.K. Subs  “I Live In A Car”
The Exploited  “Exploited Barmy Army”
999  “Nasty Nasty (Live)”
Cockney Rejects  “Cockney Rejects”
The Lurkers  “I Don’t Need To Tell Her (Live)”
The Business   “Suburban Rebels”
Peter & The Test Tube Babies  “Maniac”

The Thursday Afternoon Fourplay is part of The AIR’s weekday afternoon music block, bringing you a variety of curated musical programs that will expose you to everything from Progressive Rock to Alternative Music to Showtunes, Swing, New Wave and more. Every weekday from 3 PM to 5 PM you can end your workday while you expand your musical knowledge on The AIR.