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Total Meltdown on The RFC MINI SHOW

Total Meltown at DigiSo

This week’s RFC MINI SHOW brings you two great songs performed by Total Meltdown. Total Meltdown is a band that uses traditional mountain instruments to interpret modern songs in a progressive instrumental style all their own.

The band consists of Jeremy Davis, Paul Payne, Jamie Bailey, Kevin Swafford and Parrish French. They’ve been on the RFC radar for months, and we finally got the chance to capture them when they went in for a recording session at WVSU EDC/ DigiSo.

Thanks to Eric Meadows and Voices of Appalachia, we were able to swoop in and grab a couple of tunes to bring our Radio Free Charleston audience. This is the first “studio” version of The RFC MINI SHOW, and I’m pretty happy with the way it came out. I might have used my “Digital Interference” filter too much when editing the performance, but that’s what you do with new toys.

In this episode of The MINI SHOW, you’ll hear Total Meltdown with their versions of “Pictures of You,” by the Cure, and “Sweet Child of Mine,” by Guns and Roses.

Extra note: This episode is numbered “forty-five” on screen, but is, in fact, the forty-fourth episode of The RFC MINI SHOW. It’s been nearly a year since we mis-numbered an episode of the MINI SHOW, so we were due.

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  1. Paulette Brown

    Great group, love them. But I might be prejudice , I am the mother of one of them.

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