Since your PopCulteer decided not to attend Toy Fair in New York this year due to health reasons, we are once again doing our coverage remotely, borrowing images from folks who are on-site, and linking to their coverage so that they can get the proper attribution and hits and everything.We will be linking to sites such as ToyArk, Bleeding Cool,, Mego Museum, The Toy Book and more.

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Once upon a time, Star Wars ruled the toy aisles. For years, Kenner, and later Hasbro, had a cash cow that seemed like it would never give out.

Then, a few years ago, something happened. Either due to oversaturation of the market, or the public’s dissatisfaction with the new movies, or a combination of those and other factors, Star Wars toys stopped selling as well as they had.

It got so bad that there was speculation that Hasbro would not pursue the license when it was up for renewal.

And then The Mandalorian happened. And “The Child,” or as he’s unofficially known, Baby Yoda, appeared on the scene, and suddenly, making Star Wars toys is once again just like printing money.In what is sure to be the top-selling toy of the year, Baby Yoda toys are bringing Star Wars back to the top of the sales charts.

Hasbro and Disney re-upped their deal for Star Wars (and Marvel) and every other toy company that can, is getting in on the act.

You can see photo galleries of Hasbro’s new Star Wars toys HERE, HERE and HERE. You can see video of their new Baby Yoda animatronic figure right here…

That particularly Yoda has the innards of a FurReal Friend, but the sounds and movements are inspired by the character from the hit Disney+ show. There’s more Baby Yoda coverage HERE, HERE and HERE.

Mattel snagged the license for regular plush, which you can see HERE. You can see LEGO’s upcoming sets based on The Mandalorian (featuring you know who) HERE.

Funko announced their Baby Yoda Pop late last year. NECA is releasing a Baby Yoda Chia Pet.

Build-A-Bear Workshop will have their own version of The Child. Hot Toys is releasing a high-end bobblehead version.

Hasbro is even releasing The Mandaolorian board games. Bleeding Cool has late-breaking news on a reissued board game that will come with a planned figure from 1981 that was never released, included as a bonus.