ToyFair2014-62Since I can’t bring you detailed reports on every new toy at Toy Fair this week, I’m going to direct you to some of the best reports around the web.

Heidi MacDonald of The Beat brings us photo coverage of the showrooms that include Star Wars, Guardians of the Galaxy, My Little Pony, Spider-man and more from Hasbro.

My favorite item that Heidi shows is the little-green-Army-men-style Star Wars Comand playset figures. You can see them at the top of this post. I think Hasbro is eyeing this format for other properties, too, and it looks like lots of fun.

Check out Heidi’s report here.

MH 001pngNo Time Mommy, the NY Mom blogger, has the best photos I’ve seen yet of the new Monster High figures, and, as seen at right in a photo from a different source, the giant Monster High playset/dollhouse that brings the actual building, Monster High, to life.

Monster High is still a phenomenon, five years into its run, and is probably going to end 2014 as a Billion-sollar brand. This is great news for Mattel, since Barbie’s sales were down 16% last year, and their new “Ever After High” line of fashion dolls seems to be dead on arrival at retail.

Time To Play Magazine has some great video coverage of Toy Fair, too.

Here they cover Mattel’s Barbie, Monster High and Hot Wheels…

Here’s some great video of the latest from McFarlane Toys. You have to sit through some moronic farting plush rabbit toys before you get to The Walking Dead, but it’s worth it. Be sure to mute the audio so that you don’t have to listen to Todd McFarlane talk…

Comic Vine brings you coverage of cool stuff like Back To The Future and Game of Thrones  action figures, plus the latest vinyl toys, Funko Pops, and Wacky Wobblers, with tons of great pictures. takes us on a photo tour of the NECA booth at Toy Fair, with images from their toys and merchandise based on DIVERGENT, PACIFIC RIM, ALIEN, PREDATOR, DAWN OF THE PLANET OF THE APES, and More. You’ll also see the new HeroClix.

We will have still more coverage of Toy Fair 2014 here in PopCult later this week. Keep checking back.