The AIR is going to be in rerun mode Tuesday.  Your PopCulteer has been a little under the weather (It’s not the ‘rona, don’t worry) and didn’t feel like finishing this week’s Radio Free Charleston, or recording a new episode of The Swing Shift.

So we’ll be bringing you high-quality encores all day Tuesday. However, I do have an RFC in progress, and I plan to finish it up and debut it Thursday at 3 PM. The Swing Shift will return with a new episode next Tuesday.

Luckily, our repeats are better than everybody else’s new shows, so tune in at The AIR website, or on the embedded player over in our right-hand column, to hear our high-quality independent internet radio all the damned day long!

To make up a little for the reruns, check PopCult later Tuesday afternoon for a review of a really cool comic book, plus a surprise or two.