blue-million-rfcWe have a great new episode of Radio Free Charleston for your enjoyment this week, and you can hear it Tuesday at 10 AM and 10 PM on The AIR, or on this sweet litle embedded player…

This week’s show is all from deep in the RFC Archives, and it’s built around a twenty-five minute video I uncovered in my recent computer crash.  I didn’t even realize it at the time that I did the voice over work for this show, but this is Blue Million recorded live at The Empty Glass in 1993 at a Flood Aid Benefit that I actually promoted.

That means that somewhere in my house I probably have video of The Carpenter Ants and The Leon Waters Blues Band recorded that same night. The only problem is that the video isn’t really watchable, but the music sounds great, so we bring that to you. I was so happy to find this that I put the show together before I even knew what songs Blue Million performed that night.  As you can see in the playlist below, Alan Griffith and the boys gave us eight songs, including six originals and a couple of classic covers.

Because of this find, I made the whole episode an archive show. We kick it off with hardcore punk from 2007, courtesy of Holden Caulfield, and no track is less than ten years old. Here’s this week’s line-up…

Holden Caulfield  “Open For Business”

Blue Million – Live At The Empty Glass 1993
“Real Life Baby Doll”
“Tangled Up In Blue”
“What Would It Take”
“Blueberry Jam”
“That Was Then, This Is Now”
“Folsom Prison Blues”
“Flesh Blood and Bones”

Three Bodies  “Gardens of Hope”
Go Van Gogh  “Shut Up, I Love You”
Two Watts of Power  “World”
Whistlepunk  “Falling Down”
Raymond Wallace  “Shine On Harvest Moon”
Mark Bates and the Vacancies  “Spiral Down”
Under the Radar  “Mothman”
The Amazing Delores  “Rats In My Trailer”

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