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Vintage Go Van Gogh on The RFC MINI SHOW

Image3For the first RFC MINI SHOW of 2015 we dive back into the Radio Free Charleston archives for previously-unseen video from 1991. Go Van Gogh was one of the top bands in town playing original music back then, and this is footage shot live at The Levee. The Levee was a primo music venue in town then, and it still is, sort of. It occupied the spot where The Boulevard Tavern is now located, right on Kanawha Boulevard, across from the river.

Go Van Gogh consisted of two sets of brothers, Stephen and Mark Beckner, who have been playing together in The Nanker Phelge in recent years, and Tim and Johnny Rock. On this night they were joined by Bain Ashworth on percussion and Mark Mingrone on keyboards. You’ll hear the band performing three songs in this show, one each sung by Stephen, Mark and Tim. One or two more songs from this vintage concert will probably turn up in the next full-length episode of Radio Free Charleston in a couple of weeks.

The sound is a little low-fidelity, and there’s only one camera angle, but the raw energy of the band comes through loud and clear.


  1. Steve

    Tim’s song was “Please Don’t Leave Me Alone,” Mark’s song was “Da Da Da I Love You,” and mine was “Be My River.”

  2. rudy panucci

    Thanks, Steve! I’m going with a cover tune in the next full-length RFC.

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