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WATT 4, Romeo & Juliet, MURFMEEF and Bear on RFC 96

Episode 96 of Radio Free Charleston, “Storm In A Teacup Shirt” is right there above this text. This edition of our local music, film and animation show includes music from one of the RFC favorite bands, WATT 4, and from the upcoming CYAC production,”Romeo and Juliet: A Rock Opera.” We also have a movie trailer from director Amy Trent, and the RFC debut of MURFMEEF.

Host segments were shot around Capitol Street on a sunny Saturday afternoon, and they weren’t all done in one take this time.  It seems we were disturbing someone’s sleep in the Lee Street Triangle. Our title shirt this time came from, who offer cool designs for one day only. This one, chosen in honor of the little dust-up we had in the PopCult comments recently, was designed by Ross Robinson.

Before we jump into the music, we present a movie trailer from director Amy Trent. This is for an upcoming film, mysteriously referred to as “The Bear Project.”  We’ll have more information on this as it becomes available. We caught this trailer at the recent night of WVSU student films at The Capitol Center Theater. It left us intrigued and wanting more.

In this episode, we feature two songs by WATT4. First up we have “More Than Friends,” a song by the group’s bassist, Doug Litton. Over the end credits the band takes on a special surprise cover tune. These two songs were recorded the same night that we recorded Eva Elution for our last show, and due to technical issues, the audio quality isn’t quite up to our usual standards. However, the performances were so strong, and the cameo by Eva Elution as the mosh pit so memorable, that we’re running them anyway. We’re going to have both bands back on the show soon so you can hear them in their full sonic glory.

Fans of WATT4’s frontman, Lee Harrah, should take note that this Friday, HARRAH, his other band that will perform highlights from his fifteen-plus years as one of the state’s most distinctive voices, makes their debut at The Sound Factory, kicking off around 10 PM.

WATT4 will be back onstage at The Empty Glass on Monday, March 29, for the electric jam open mic.

MURFMEEF is one of the Ohio Valley’s funniest filmmakers. We are proud to have him on RFC. I’ve been a fan for years, but we just met (in the cyber sense) recently when we were hooked up by Joseph Hale. Expect way more from MURFMEEF on RFC in the future, but go check out his YouTube page now.  You may need a change of pants.

We are very happy to present a preview of the CYAC production, “Romeo and Juliet: A Rock Opera” in this episode of the show. Unlike the other times when we’ve brought you CYAC previews, we didn’t wait until a dress rehearsal to record the music for RFC. In their civilian clothes, you’ll see Donnie Smith (Friar Laurence), Austin Alexander Thomas (Romeo) and Micah Atkinson (Juliet) accompanied by Mark Scarpelli. In this scene, Romeo is telling the Friar about seeing Juliet for the first time.

“Romeo and Juliet: A Rock Opera” opens Thursday night at the WVSU Capitol Plaza Theater. Play dates are March 25, 26, 27, 28 and April 1,2, 3. Start time is 8 PM, except for a 2 PM Matinee on March 28. Tickets are $9.50 ($5.50 for students).

In addition to Austin, Micah and Donnie, you’ll get to see RFC Big Shot Melanie Larch, along with the winner of the First Great Guitar Giveaway, Jim Balow, Susanna Tucker, Michael Harris and, as the nurse, Maddie Gourevich.  The cast is filled out with a dynamic assortment of very talented young performers. You should make sure to catch this show.
And I hope you all check out Sandy Well’s “Innerviews” with CYAC’s guru, Dan Kehde, at this link. 

That’s it for this episode of RFC. Come back in a little more than a week for our next big episode, with new music from Simply Said and The Emergency!


  1. Bill Gardner

    Oh man, I was hoping for the other WATT4 cover. Will that one make into an upcoming show?

  2. Rudy Panucci

    They’ve got a couple of covers that I want to get on the show, but their originals are SO GOOD that we’ll just have them on a bunch more times.

    There’s even a chance that Mel might join them for a tune on an upcoming show.

  3. Longtime Listener

    Another killer show. Hard to believe you’ve done so many of them. Love the Murfmeef, and the music kicks butt. Any word on when Amy’s movie is going to premiere?

  4. Bella Dona

    Well this is a great way to kick off the week! Great musical performances & some really funny stuff from your new contributor.

    RFC’s Resident Diva as a rocker? That could be interesting.

  5. Mountain Woman Phd.

    It’s wonderful to see the preview of “Romeo and Juliet.” I’ll be sure to see this. Ms. Trent’s film looks fascinating, too.

  6. Steven Allen Adams

    A) Glad to see MurfMeef being brought to a Charleston audience. I’m friends with all of those guys and they push the envelope.

    B) I think I have a crush on Amy Trent.

  7. Elvis Capone

    What’s MurfMeef’s first name? I want to send him a check for TEN MILLION DOLLARS.

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