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Winterfest 2023 Part Four: Back To The Big Joes

The PopCult Toybox

I got more good photos than I expected at Kentuckiana’s GI Joe Winterfest. You can see our earlier photo essays HERE, HERE, HERE and a look at Super Joe Unlimited HERE.

With so many good photos remaining, I decided to go back to the 12″ GI Joe stuff to wrap things up. So today, we’ll bid farewell to GI Joe Winterfest with one last photo essay.

However, the plan is that I will put together some kind of video, probably for this coming Sunday, so we’re not quite finished yet.

Needless to say, the show was a huge success, and will likely be a regular stop on PopCult‘s toy show schedule.

There were tons of vintage boxed sets of vehicles and playsets all over this show.

Plus boxed uniform sets from other countries, wholesale catalogs and even original package art.

Uh, some things are hard to explain to non-collectors.

More boxed vehicles, as well as one of several boxed Captain Action figures.

Tanks, for the memories.

Yet more vehicles, along with lots of other cool stuff.

A closer look at that original package art.

Very rare packaged figures.

Another look at the Mattsquatch cool customs.

Loose vehicles were in abundance, too.

A cool display to help greet those in attendance.

You could find really nice condition loose figures all over the show.

You can’t imagine how much cool stuff is in this photo.

This is the very rare Crash Crew Fire Truck, which I didn’t even know existed until I was an adult.

Wrapping up our photo essays, here’s Ace Allgood talking up his cool Joe stuff to a customer.


  1. Tom Sandelin

    Thanks for the great photos. I miss going to shows.

  2. Thomas Wheeler

    This looks like such a cool show. Well run, not too massive for its own good, tons of cool stuff. I’m glad you got to visit, wish I could’ve, and thanks for the great reports and photos!

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