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WonderFest: The Monsters

In this rather long photo essay we’re going to bring you images of some of the monsters, creatures, critters and freaks on display in the model contest room at WonderFest 2021, which took place weekend before last. As with our other photo essays, please excuse the odd blurry photo. Your humble blogger was having hand issues and camera issues, as detailed earlier, and I was not at all satisfied with my work on this.

Still, there’s plenty of cool stuff to look at here. Hit up the list of previous posts in the right column or scroll down for more of our WonderFest pictures and video. I will be posting the last batch of photos Friday.  Your PopCulteer is in a deadline crunch, and has other posts lined up for later this week, so we’ll be bringing you the climax in a few days. That post will also include a handy index to the other photo essays, since they’ve wound up spread out over a longer period than I’d planned.

For the sake of expedience and sanity, these photos are not going to be captioned. They are cool model kits, built by talented artists. That’s all you really need to know.  Enjoy the artistry…


Because of the size of this photo essay, we will continue with more photos after the jump.




We saved the most iiiiinteresting monster for last, with a guest appearance by 2020. Check PopCult Wednesday and Thursday for news on a new blind box toy, and a preview of The Marx Toy Convention.  Friday we’ll wrap up WonderFest and over the weekend we’ll bring you our regular features.

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  1. Thomas Wheeler

    I think my favorite is the Predator, although Gossamer is a kick. The “dancing” Godzilla cracked me up, and someone sure went to a lot of trouble with the paint on the snakes on Medusa’s head! Wow!

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