Above you see the latest PopCult unboxing video, and it’s really cool because it’s for a new collectible toy that won’t be in stores until December 11, ZURU MINI FASHION. Your PopCulteer and his lovely wife, Mel Larch, got the first crack at these cool collectibles.

UPDATE: Due to the ever-present supply chain issues, MINI FASHION will now debut at Walmart December 26.

We are among the first to bring you the news about the newest collectible craze that will likely sweep the country in the coming weeks. In the tradition of ZURU’s 5 Surprise Mini Brands and Toy Mini Brands, comes MINI FASHION, minature fine-stitched fabric handbags, jewels and fashion accessories, which are pretty much the perfect size for the most popular Fashion Dolls.

They also have quite a bit of appeal as a collectible in their own right. Miniature collectibles are a hot item right now, and ZURU is at the forefront. MINI FASHION will appeal to kids, of course, but they also scratch that itch for adult consumers who just don’t have the room to buy everything they want.

As a 1/6 scale hobbyist, I love the idea of high quality minatures at a very affordable price, and at $9.99 per capsule (the suggested price), these are incredible. A quite note here: in the video, which was ad-libbed in a hurry, I got the price wrong repeatedly. Apologies for that. These are still quite a bargain.

The big draw is the handbags, but there are also tiny lipsticks that open, makeup accessories that open and have wonderful detail, sunglasses with working hinged legs (and they fit GI Joe, too–I checked), and even little purse dogs to ride around in the handbags.

Another cool feature of ZURU’s MINI FASHION is that the packaging is made from certified and traceable recycled plastic. The inner bags are paper and the whole package is remarkaby environmentally-friendly.

Let me quote from the press release for more details…

Fabulous mini purses and teeny accessories in Mini Fashions fit in the palm of a hand, and are the next iteration of ZURU’s top-selling and hot collectibles brand. Set to hit Walmart shelves December 11, just in time for Christmas, Series 1 will feature over two- dozen intricately detailed and fully functional handbags and clutch purses made with soft fabrics, fine-stitching and working compartments, and stylish fashion accessories like sunglasses and jewelry to collect.

“Fashion is all about mixing the hottest trends with those timeless classics, and with 5 SURPRISE being the ultimate trend in collectibles – this new series of miniature functioning handbags was an obvious next step for us,” said Aneisha Vieira, Global Brand Director of ZURU. “Each capsule includes a hand-stitched fabric bag that’s fully functional, with stunning fine details, and other fashion accessories, and with an eye towards sustainability, we are proud to introduce a new more eco-friendly capsule.”

Continuing on its 360-degree 10-year sustainability initiative, Mini Fashion capsules will be made from 100% certified and traceable used plastics. The new capsule keeps the surprise element with paper blind bags, and the two-part design will eliminate 49 tons of virginal plastic globally. All products in the 5 Surprise range will incorporate these sustainable tactics by 2023.

With each Mini Fashion capsule, fashionistas experience the thrill of unwrapping, peeling, revealing and collecting one designer handbag and four mini accessories. From metallic bags for a night on the town, to everyday purses, there are 25 real fabric fashion bags, including two rare bags, and accessories to find. Launching exclusively at Walmart in December, Mini Fashions are priced at $9.99 and designed for ages four and up.

We had a blast making this video, and I wanted to mention that we joke about the “MF” logo on the handbags meaning “Mouie Futon.” I want to make clear that it actually stands for MINI FASHION. And also, ignore the parts of the video where I mention the incorrect list price. MINI FASHION will sell for $9.99, exclusively at Walmart beginning December 26.

Also, as you can see, the really cool mini sunglasses with working legs do indeed fit GI Joe.

Many thanks to ZURU for letting us break the news about this cool new collectible! We will update this post with links and post a reminder in PopCult when these hit stores.