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Sweet Sixteen Production Notes

The latest episode of Radio Free Charleston is online now for your viewing pleasure.   This episode is called “A Place Of Solace Shirt” in honor of the Huntington band who put on a killer show at the Sound Factory back on March 6.  We will be featuring the band, and not just the shirt, on a future episode of RFC.  Follow that link to find out how you can get your own shirt and sample their music.

Our musical guests on this episode are John Radcliff and Al Carey.  Radcliff is an old buddy from way back in my radio days, and Al is a new friend with a striking political commentary.

Longtime followers of the local music scene may remember John from his days as the ace guitar god for such bands as The Swivel Rockers, Feast Of Stephen, and The Mad Scientist Club.  John’s relocated to Parkersburg, and has recently shifted his musical focus from just playing guitar to writing and singing his own songs.  And they are great songs.   Rad drove down from Parkersburg and graced the LiveMix Studio with seven great original tunes.  You can see and hear “Writing’s Hard” here.  On RFC we are treated to the Andy Partridge-esque “Rainbows.”   Radcliff will be the first person to appear on consecutive episodes of RFC, as he’s back next time with another killer song.

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With any luck, the next episode of Radio Free Charleston, featuring music from John Radcliff and Al Carey and animation from Stephen Beckner, along with our usual mind-hurting weirdness, will be online tomorrow.  Keep your fingers crossed. Until then, watch this trailer:


Monday Morning Art: That Bank Building Again

huntback03 (1)

This week’s Monday Morning bit of self-indulgence is a different shot of the Huntington Bank Building in downtown Charleston.  It’s digitally-assaulted, but not too much so.  The lens flare is real. For some reason, my photos of this building come out looking pretty cool.

 As always, click the photo for a larger view. And go here for the Monday Morning Art Store, and here for the PopCult store. You still have time to be the first customer!

Cool Toy Of The Week: Arctic Adventurer

One year ago I wrote about how the Official GI Joe Collector’s Club was giving out a cool free figure to anyone who was a member in good standing on March 15.   That was the “Foreign Adventurer” a 12″ GI Joe with fuzzy hair on the GI Joe “foreign” headsculpt, which had never been made with flocked hair before.   You can see the Foreign Adventurer being arrested by Captain Action in episode fourteen of Radio Free Charleston

This year, the club is at it again.  If you are a member of the Official GI Joe Club by the March 15 deadline, you will receive an Arctic Adventurer, a version of the Foreign Adventurer with red hair and beard and cool Adventure Team boxer shorts.  You have about a week left to join.  If you would prefer one of those little 3 3/4″ GI Joes, you can choose to receive an exclusive version of Copperhead.  Full details on how to join and the neat Arctic Uniform set (available separately) can be found here.  Or you can call the G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club at 817-448-9863 to join.

Now you know, and knowing is half the battle.  Full disclosure: I am a member of the club, and contribute to their newsletter.

Cool Video Of The Week: DEVO Does Jimi

It’s a cool week here at PopCult. We’re looking forward to the opening Friday of “300” in theaters. You can read my article about the career of Frank Miller, upon whose graphic novel the movie is based, right here. But that’s not the only cool thing going. We have a triumverat of “Cool Things” this week. Our cool video, a cool toy, and a cool concert.

First up, the cool video…this is a rare video by DEVO. It’s a cover of the Jimi Hendrix classic “Are You Experienced.” Because of the Hendrix estate withholding permission, this video has not yet been released on DVD. You can see it right here.


Cool Concert Of Next Month: Katrina Benefit

Tonight a bevy of local rock and hip-hop artists will take the stage at Holderby’s Landing on the Riverfront (1360 Harris Park Drive) in Huntington for a benefit concert to raise money for the continuing effort to rebuild the areas ravaged by Hurricane Katrina a year-and-a-half ago.  It’s a good cause and there will be some great music, including RFC mainstay, The Concept.  Doors open at 8 PM tonight, and the promoters have not informed me of the cost to attend, but at least you know it’s going to people who need the money.

The show has been postponed until April 5.  We’ll have more details as that date approaches. 

Monday Morning Art: The River


Our Monday Morning Art this week is another “Pop Art Charleston” digitally-assaulted photograph taken from high up in the Union Building.  This time we’re looking West, over the Haddad Riverfront Park and out towards the wilds of The West Side and points beyond.

Once again, click the photo for a larger view. And go here for the Monday Morning Art Store, and here for the PopCult store. Vote with your dollars!  Is “Pop Art Charleston” a bold new direction, a cheesy way to recycle old works into T-Shirts, or am I just in a rut?  

A Music-filled Weekend

Friday and Saturday were chock-full of great music for me.  Friday night I attended two great rock shows and saw six spectacular bands, and then Saturday I was privileged to witness an amazing concert by The West Virginia Symphony Orchestra.  The weekend ran the musical gamut from punk to metal to classical.  Once again I’m reminded that people who say there’s nothing to do in Charleston are borderline delusional.   Any time you can watch people who are passionate about music practice their art, that’s something to do.  The real problem in this town is apathetic people who refuse to go out to shows, then complain that “Charleston doesn’t have anything.”  Guess what folks, Charleston does have great stuff going on, and if you stayed at home, you missed it! 

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RFC Correction

nakedseal.pngAs pointed out in the comments about the latest Radio Free Charleston, I screwed up.  I spelled Allen Ginsberg’s name “Alan” instead of “Allen.”  I shall go and listen to the recording of “Howl” as read by the guy who did the voice for Donald Duck as my penance. 

 Meanwhile, go watch the show.

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