One thing we noticed with the advent of HallowEast was that, like FestivAll, there was an embarrassment of riches. There were so many cool thinigs going on around Charleston that we had to make hard choices about which events to attend. One thing we absolutely had to see was WATT 4 performing at Adamfest VI. WATT 4 played around 2 PM on a drizzly and cold, rainy day, but the event so warmed the hearts of those in attendance that nobody seemed to notice the weather.

Adamfest is the annual outdoor all-day bash held for Adam Weaver, who’s been waging war on cancer for several years now. Adamfest was started to lend financial help and moral support for Adam’s struggle. Adam’s had a particularly rough year in 2009, spending a couple of months in the hospital last spring. It was touch-and-go for a while, and seeing Adam looking fit and happy Saturday morning was the highlight of a very cool day.

The lead singer of WATT 4 (one of our favorite RFC bands) is Lee Harrah (above, as a Zombie Star Trek Red Shirt Crewman), who is also Adam’s uncle. One of the coolest moments we’ve seen in some time was when Lee brought Adam up on stage. Adam pitched in with backing vocals on the Iron Maiden classic, “Can I Play with Madness.” Unfortunately, we couldn’t stick around for the other bands due to a load of prior commitments, but nothing could top seeing Adam on stage with Watt 4.

After the jump you’ll see more images from WATT 4’s set at Adamfest.

Adam Weaver, keeping his head warm with the Halloween Spirit.

Zombies have been sighted in the immediate vicinity.

Lee and Adam on stage.

WATT 4 warms up.

“Hey Mister, are you singin’ or something?”

The crowd get’s into the music.

It should be law that Lee always have a wireless microphone.