Today we’re looking at the figures, vehicles and a couple of smaller dioramas that were on display in the custom figure contest room last month at ToyLanta, 2022. Many thanks to Dave Matteson for helping identify some of the creators.  While there were fewer entires than I was used to seeing this year, the level of quality was astounding.

Let’s dive in, shall we?

All four entires in the vehicle contest came from the same guy, and sadly I did not get his name. If anybody knows who did this work, please leave a comment. This was 1/6 scale pop culture Nirvana.

The Munster’s Coach was scratch-built on the chassis from a Barbie vehicle. The figures are Majestic Studios’s releases from 2004.

The Monkeemobile was also heavily-customized from a Barbie car. The Monkees figures are the 12″ Figures Toy Company versions of the Pre-fab Four.

Dragula, also known as “Granpa’s Dragster” was scratch-built on the chassis of an American Plastic Company toy car. Very impressive work.

This is the infamous unlicensed James DeSimone Batmobile, piloted here by Barbie versions of Batgirl and Wonder Woman.

Three George Barris cars, and one by Dean Jeffries makes this quite a fleet of 1/6 scale rides.

Joe Tutor gave us this very detailed Mess Tent, populated entirely by vintage-style GI Joes.

While at first, this may look like a fairly simple diorama, Joey crammed in such an amazing amount of detail that you can look at it for hours and keep finding new things.

Note the detail on the generator, and the peeled potatoes in the pot.

One last look.

Cathy Jones always treats us to spectacular fantasy/steampunk mini-dioramas. This year was no different.

The detail is amazing, even down to the weathered pattern in the grass.

There’s so much imagination and detail here. It’s why Cathy’s dioramas are always among my favorites.

Chuck Chiriaco’s incredible custom figure, Bakshassa. This guy is just begging to be animated by Ray Harryhausen.

The Adventure Team Man of India, another of Chuck’s creations, who we first saw at Kentuckiana last summer.

Chuck was set up in the Maker’s Room, where he showed how he created rooted hair and wigs for his custom figures.

A great smaller-scale mini-diorama by Ryan Lansdon

And another by Ryan.

Jason Packard creates these really cool water scene dioramas using lucite. Very cool stuff.

There may have been some late entries that your PopCulteer missed, so apologies for that. Later today we’ll bring you photos of the massive Star Wars Diorama by Fernando Coda as we play catch up with our photos and video from ToyLanta 2022.