Wednesday afternoon on The AIR Mel Larch presents a very special, double-length brand-new episode of Curtain Call. You can hear it at 3 PM. Just tune in to the website, or on the embedded player below for this week’s slate of stimulating programs.

At 3 PM Wednesday on The AIR, our musical theatre program, Curtain Call, hosted by Mel Larch, arks its 50th episode with an episode where Mel presents the favorite songs that she’s sung in her many years as a performer of musical theater. Except for one song, we don’t have recordings of Mel actually singing these songs, but in this very special show, Mel talks about each song, what it means to her, and shares behind-the-scenes stories about her connections to each song, the productions she sang them in and pays tribute to the late Tom Murphy, her mentor and former creative director of the Charleston Light Opera Guild.

Mel also talks about some of her misadventures in musical theatre, like performing the lead role in 42nd Street in a wheelchair after she broke her foot.

This show ran over its usual one-hour format, so rather than trim any of these great songs or Mel’s wonderful stories, we decided to let it run as long as needed.  Since it didn’t quite take up two full hours, Mel produced a “mini-show” with previews of songs that you’ll hear in the next fifty episodes, including numbers from The Prom, which opens on Broadway on Thursday, Getting The Band Back Together, which just opened a few months ago, and Bat Out of Hell: The Jim Steinman Musical.

The end result is a fun, two-hour look at Mel’s past and Curtain Call‘s future.

Curtain Call can be heard Wednesday at 3 PM, with replays Thursday at 7 AM and 8 PM and Saturday at 6 PM. An all-night marathon of Curtain Call episodes can be heard Wednesday nights, beginning at Midnight.

The rest of our programming day follows the new routine: Our musical morning line-up on Wednesday continues with The Swing Shift at 7 AM, followed by Prognosis at 9 AM, Psychedelic Shack at 11 AM and an encore of a classic Curtain Call at Noon.  We are re-presenting classic episodes of On The Road with Mel at 1 PM. At 1;30 PM and 7 PM, Life Speaks to Michele Zirkle presents part twoof her Salt Cave Meditation. At 2 PM Beatles Blast presents one-hour audio blast of music by and about the lads from Liverpool. 5 PM sees a replay of this week’s hot episode of The Swing Shift. At 7:30 PM, we continue replaying Word Association with Lee & Rudy, from the very first episode. This week it’s episode eight, dedicated to obscure comic books.

Stay tuned all day, every day, for incredible music, thought-provoking talk and gut-busting comedy exclusively on The AIR. And check out the full schedule below, including our full day of fine programming…

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