I’m still Hopper-ing about in Chicago this week, but today’s small acrylic study is going to be heavily-revised before I take to canvas.

This acrylic on textured board piece was inspired by a very blurry photo I took while riding the L through the Loop. I got this cool shot of where the tracks come into the Loop, and I figured I could paint in the detail to make up for the blurriness, but as I progressed, that gleaming white utilty box just overpowered the composition, so it’s probably going to be changed in the finished piece.

When I figure out those changes, this might get the high-detail treatment, or I might go a little more Hopperesque with the rendering. I haven’t really decided yet. This one was knocked out in an afternoon, and isn’t terribly big. It’s smaller than a sheet of printer paper.

To see this one bigger try clicking HERE.

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