This week we head back to December, 2009 for an episode of Radio Free Charleston hosted from Taylor Books, with music from The Riff Raff Players, and Flare Baroshi. We also have Eamon Hardiman’s trailer for Porkchops, and DEVO Energy Dome animation from Frank Panucci.

The RiffRaff Players feature vocals by Lori McKinney, Kathleen Coffee, Albert Perrone, Douglas Imbrogno and Melissa and Kayla McKinney, with eclectic acoustic and electronic instrumentation by The Captain Lazerblast Band and soundsmithing by Robert Blankenship. This video was created by Douglas Imbrogno to promote “Christmas with The Riff Raff,” which happened in Princeton, WV.

Flare Baroshi is featured in the “Black and White” alternate edit of her song, “Vampire Mafia,” which impressed many on that year’s Halloween special. While this is a cool take on a great song, I think it was included here because I wanted to plug the Riff Raff show and the Porkchops premiere before they happened, and this was the best finished video I had laying around to fill up the remainder of the show.

You can read the original production notes HERE.