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ToyLanta 2022: The Star Wars Diorama

Every year Fernando Coda creates a massive Star Wars Diorama for ToyLanta, and this year was no different. He uses the 1/18th scale figures and vehicles and builds sprawling sets to recreate scenes from the movies.

This year, almost every time I went to take photos, there was a crowd around, admiring Fernando’s work.  I was able to grab some close-ups, which you see here, but I never did manage to get that one long shot that shows off the size and scope of Ferndando’s creation. I’m still COVID-shy, and navigating crowds was not in the books for me this year.

Still, I hope these photos can give you a hint of how epic Fernando Coda’s work was.  I didn’t write any captions for these because I have forgotten more about Star Wars than I remember, and I don’t want to get any of the details wrong.

That’s a quick look at Fernando’s Star Wars diorama. The plan is to have some kind of video ready for you to see Sunday, and maybe a bonus photo essay of leftover images next week. Thanks for being patient!


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