It’s public service time here in PopCult.

In case you don’t realize it, Friday is Valentine’s Day. It’s that special day when you show that special person the special way you feel about them.

I’m reminding you so you don’t screw up and forget it this year.

Friday evening, in and around Charleston, there are a wealth of things that happy couples can take in to celebrate their love. You can listen to live music. You can attend an Improv comedy show, or two. You can witness the love story and subsequent assassination of our 16th president. You can go skating, like you used to in the old days. You can even watch some fine independent wrestling, if that’s what rekindles the flames in your messed-up little hearts.

And if you don’t have a special someone and think the whole holiday is a steaming pile of broken hearts, scroll all the way to the bottom of this post for a music and burlesque show at The Boulevard Tavern.

There are many, many more Valentine’s events than this happening in town, but these are the few that were hand-picked by yours truly because they had complete graphics with dates, times and locations, so I didn’t have to do more than swipe images from Facebook. Even in the week leading up to Valentine’s Day, your PopCulteer has pressing deadlines to deal with.

If you aren’t staying in for a quiet, intimate evening for two, then here are some good ideas to get you out of the house on this special evening…