I don’t usually feature the work of other artists as Monday Morning Art here in PopCult, but this week I’m making an exception. Last week we lost Charly Hamilton, a legend in the Charleston art scene, and a friend of over three decades. Saturday I ran an old episode of Radio Free Charleston in this blog that featured host segments shot in front of Charly’s giant West Side mural.

I pulled the feature image for that post from the raw footage for the host segments, and while digging through the folder for that I found a five second camera test clip that I shot pointed inside Mel’s car. When I looked at the clip, I saw Charly’s mural reflected in the side-view mirror, and it just struck me as appropriate for this week’s Monday Morning Art.

I call this image “Reflecting On Charly,” because I figure he’d get a laugh out of it.

If you want to see the big image a bit bigger, just click on it.

Meanwhile, Monday at 2 PM on The AIR, we bring you an encore episode of  Psychedelic Shack, followed at 3 PM by another encore edition of Herman Linte’s weekly showcase of the Progressive Rock of the past nmalf-century, Prognosis.  You can listen to The AIR at the website, or on the embedded radio player at the top of the right-hand column of this blog.

The Haversham folks are buried under paying work this week, and will return next week with new shows.

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At 8 PM, stick around for an 11-hour marathon of Mel Larch’s Disco showcase, MIRRORBALL.