The PopCulteer
November 20, 2020

The 2020 PopCult Gift Guide is over.


You may have noticed that this year the gift guide wrapped up earlier and was a bit shorter than in previous years, and that I recycled a lot of cool things that I told you about earlier in the year.

That was by design. I planned to make things easier on myself this year by reviewing more cool books, music, video and stuff throughout the year than I had been.  Then I brought you the cream of the crop for part of the gift guide. This will continue, because I really enjoyed doing it this way.

You folks must’ve enjoyed it too, since this year The PopCult Gift Guide has seen its largest readership since I was given the ability to look at the numbers a few years ago. Maybe that’s because my readers tend to be sensible people, and sensible people tend to stay at home during a pandemic.

As I’ve mentioned before, I did not implore you to shop local the way I usually do. We are in the midst of a pandemic, and I try not to go out more than once a week, so I didn’t feel right suggesting that anyone else potentially put themselves in danger just to buy a Christmas gift.

Every item on the list this year is under a hundred bucks. Every item can be ordered online. Plus, I’ve recommended a few web-based stores where you can find thousands of cool things to use as potential gifts.

Presented here is The 2020 PopCult Gift Guide Master List, with direct links to each long-winded gift guide entry (some are listed more than once, because they qualify as more than one catagory). This too has become an annual tradition, and I hope it helps you find the perfect gift for the folks on your holiday shopping lists. Dig into the catagories…



 Murder On Stanton Road

John & Yoko: Plastic Ono Band

George Harrison on George Harrison

Ringo Starr: Another Day In The Life

John Amero: American Exxxtasy

The OX: John Entwistle


John Byner’s Autobiography

Bernie Wrightson’s Frankenstein

Santa On A Panda

The Psychedelic Experience

Dreams Unreal: The Psychedelic Rock Poster

The Guide To Star Trek The Animated Series

The Young Bucks

Into The Woods Storybook

The Making of West Side Story The Movie

Bruce Timm: The Big Tease


Giving Up Whiteness

Steve Martin and Harry Bliss: A Wealth of Pigeons

Yoe Books!

Fantagraphics Books



Batman: Tales of the Demon

DC Goes To War

The Aquaman Saga

Jack Kirby’s Dingbat Love

Shazam in the 70s

Superman Smashes The Klan

Pirate Comics

Wanted: DC’s Greatest Villains

Doom Patrol: The Silver Age

80 Years of The Spirit

Marvel Mini Comics

Second Coming

Yoe Books!

Fantagraphics Books



IDKHOW “Razzmatazz”

The Empty Hearts “Second Album”

Tears For Fears: Sowing The Seeds of Love boxset

John Lennon  “Gimme Some Truth”

Paul McCartney “McCartney III”

Nick Mason’s Saucerful of Secrets Live at The Roundhouse

Rick Wakeman: Red Planet

Santa On A Panda

Vangaurd’s Lost Psychedelic Era

The Who Live In Hyde Park

The Who: WHO (singles box with Live at Kngston)

Mike Batt: The Penultimate Collection

Eddie Jobson: Live

Todd Burge: Live In Parkersburg



Ambulance And Rescue HESS Truck

RAW 10 Action Figures

Epic Army Men

X-Shot Crusher

Svengoolie Action Figure Studio Set

Snap Ships

Robby The Robot

The Svengoolie At Home Box

The Iron Giant

Santa On A Panda

Robo Alive Rampaging Raptor

Fifi The Flossing Sloth

Frankie The Funky Flamingo

X-Shot Dino Attack

5 Surprise Mini Brands

5 Surprise Toy Mini Brands

5 Surprise Dino Strike

5 Surprise Unicorn Squad

Costwold Collectibles

Auto World

Figures Toy Company

Auto World

Figures Toy Company



5 Surprise Mini Brands

5 Surprise Toy Mini Brands

5 Surprise Dino Strike

5 Surprise Unicorn Squad

Five Below

Lights of Broadway Show Cards



Picard: Season One

The Goonies Giftset

Eureka: The Complete Seires

All In The Family: The Complete Series

Nick Mason’s Saucerful of Secrets Live at The Roundhouse

Spongebob The Musical

Titans Seasons One and Two

Space Ghost and Dino Boy



Kin Ship Goods

American Science & Surplus

Costwold Collectibles

Oddbird Gift Emporium

Archie McPhee

Auto World

Figures Toy Company

West Virginia Music Hall Of Fame

Mountain Craft Shop Co.

Five Below

Yoe Books!

Fantagraphics Books


Part of This Complete Breakfast


There you have it, around 80 gift ideas, not counting the website suggestions or magazine ideas. That ought to get you a good start. Later today PopCult will have news on a cool streaming event that happens this evening, and our regular features are due to return Saturday. I hope all my readers have the best possible holiday season, given the circumstances.